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Limovista has over 30 years of recruitment experience ...


Limovista places a very high value on human relationships and partnerships and we are a flexible solution orientated company and we build a partnership with our clients. Our consultants meet all our partners and take the time to understand their specific Business Needs, Drivers & Goals.


We believe that the right cultural fit between the organization and the candidate is crucial to the mutually beneficial long term relationship between our Clients and Candidates.



To build long term relationships with our valued clients, providing enhanced and quality services that exceed the expectations of our customers.



We believe in treating our customers with honesty and respect. We grow through creativity, invention, and innovation..

Your Specialised Recruiter

Karin Blume


079 335-3437

I’ve seen so many hands that while I may not be able to predict exactly what cards will come next, I can draw upon years of pattern recognition to optimise your gains and minimise your losses ….. 

WHY ME ...


32 years’ Experience in the Art & Science of Human Asset Management, Focused Sourcing, Recruitment & Process Optimisation.

I’m well versed in human behavior, an expert in human misbehavior, and I know what makes people tick!  I read between the lines - my unconventional, but logical and objective approach to both people and solutions “may” disturb the traditionalists!


My passion is to provide a turnkey solution to business challenges.  I identify and specify the business requirements and then apply the delta of the client, the resource, and the required tools/procedures to the business solution. Dealing with human mechanics interlinked with business drivers calls for a blend of empathy and alternative thinking to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome.


My personal motivator is understanding how an individual/business mind works – it is a lifelong process/test/ passion that makes me tick.


…. And I Love the challenge



I have the ability to interpret various assessment tools, psychometric assessments, and link the behavioral patterns with the person’s life experiences to an opportunity:


Core Services


Specialised recruitment (Perm and Contract)

Focused sourcing & head-hunting

Provide national sourcing services.

Comprehensive Interview Packs (Detailed CV, Candidate Competency-based Q&A’s, Qualifications, Payslips)

Executive Search

Integrity Assessments


Industry Sectors


Our years of working in the recruitment field have exposed us to a wide range of key clients and skilled us to be able to recruit in most fields including:



Engineering and Manufacturing

Human Resources


Office Support and Administration

Sales and Marketing

Logistics and Procurement


Recruitment Strategising & Implementation

Specialised Recruitment - responsibilities include defining hiring criteria, sourcing potential candidates on social media, Boolean & via my network, this includes:


  • Response Handling
  • Focussed Shortlisting;

Assisting clients with their in-house Recruitment Processes, strategies, systems & training


  • Interview skills development for Line Managers, HR, Recruiters & Business Owners
  • Recruitment Project outsourcing services

Customer Relations;


  • Identifying and closing gaps in the business;
  • Troubleshooting & Business Process Optimization;
  • Working knowledge of HR Practices: Recruitment, Talent Development, Performance Management, Legislation, and Labour Relations;
  • An understanding of HR legislation and requirements, and the ability to apply the relevant legislation in the work environment. Specifically, knowledge of employment practices & compliance (Labour Relations Act, Basic Conditions of Employment Act, Employment Equity Act, Skills Development Act).

My Process ...

Hiring the right Talent is an art, it takes time and is a specialty all on its own. Limovista will help you create, transform, and optimize your in-house recruiting capability. Recruitment is a service and is our passion, we will show you how to:


  • Reduce the cost of hiring the right people.
  • Reduce the time it takes to acquire the right Talent.
  • Show you how to make your company Relevant.
  • Introduce CultureFit to your recruitment process.
  • Optimise your onboarding process to ensure the maximum benefit from your recruiting investment.
  • Build your brand.


South Africa

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